Friends, I died from ventricular fibrillation Thursday. Happily, I was in a place where there was an automated electronic defibrillator -AED- and people who were trained in its use. One friend pounced on me to do CPR until the AED could be brought to bear on me. She kept the blood flowing in my body and brain until the AED could restart my heart. Very few people with this event outside of a hospital live and that, only if this equipment is on hand, battery charged up, pads fresh, and people who know how to use it, and are willing to do it.

I’m so grateful this didn’t happen 45 minutes earlier while I was driving to the place downtown. Or 18 hours later, when I would have been driving to the Kerrville area with a group of friends to a retreat.
It wasn’t my Time, and my cardiologist is going to figure out what to do to prevent this recurring. I request your prayers for this issue to be resolved so I can accomplish the goals I have at least to publish the 2 more books I’m writing on the same subject of the near-death experiences. They are coming along well.

I’m so glad it wasn’t my time.

I did not have the classic near-death experience, nothing. I went straight from feeling drowsy to finding myself in an ambulance.

I’m so grateful to the group who leaped into action and to the people who bought and put the AED there. We have one at our church and we maintain it for use, also important.

I urge churches, stores, offices, and other gathering spaces to get them, learn to use them, and maintain them.

Thank you for your prayers.

March 9, 2019

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