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Survivor Story: Father John Price

Friends, I died from ventricular fibrillation Thursday. Happily, I was in a place where there was an automated electronic defibrillator -AED- and people who were trained in its use. One friend pounced on me to do CPR until the AED could be brought to bear on me. She...

Survivor Story: Scott Corron

A few short years ago, Scott Corron suffered sudden cardiac arrest at a spin studio. His 12-year-old daughter was there. She was doing homework in the lobby. She was naturally frightened – she had no idea what was happening. “There was my dad on the floor,” she said....

Survivor Story: Kristen Walenga

"I went into sudden cardiac arrest on the morning of Saturday, August 24, 2019. My husband was at work and I was home with my four children, Nate (9), Sam (11), Rose(14), and Eddie (15). I was in the kitchen making breakfast for my kids before our day of youth...

Survivor Story: Jerry Rasmussen

Jerry Rasmussen was running in his fifth marathon when his heart suddenly failed. Swift action by bystanders, first responders and a bike team carrying a defibrillator saved his life. It was the 2010 Chevron Houston Marathon. Rasmussen, then 46, had been named Bay...

Survivor Story: Gene Velasquez

    Gene Velasquez, 55, collapsed while running at Memorial Park in June of last year when he suffered a heart attack and was in cardiac arrest. Mr. Velasquez spent the following five days in a coma. A good Samaritan gave him CPR and put him in an ambulance,...

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CARES Data Summary Report Infographic

The following infographic, developed in collaboration with the National Two-Step CPR, provides a visual overview of key demographics and survival characteristics in 2020 from the annual CARES Data Summary Report.    

Husband Saves Wife Through Life-Saving CPR

An incredible cardiac arrest survivor story of a how a typical morning for Dalyce Bradshaw avoided tragedy thanks to her coworker and her husband providing life-saving CPR. Dr. Bentley Bobrow sits down with KPRC 2 News and ABC13 to discuss the impact bystander CPR has...

Dr. Mejia wins TCEP Virtual Research Forum Resident Award

Congratulations to Dr. Eddie Mejia who worked alongside a team of TX-CARES researchers sharing his presentation on "Community Disparities in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Care and Outcomes in Texas". The presentation took the top prize among the resident entries,...

Saving a Life with the Bee Gees

An amazing cardiac arrest survivor story in the Houston Chronicle featuring Dr. Bentley Bobrow and life-saving TX-CARES: Cardiac arrest is not uncommon, according to Dr. Ben Bobrow, professor and chair of emergency medicine at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth and...

Save a Life, Texas

Every day 60 people suffer an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Texas. Research done at UTHealth shows us that there are large and unacceptable disparities in bystander CPR and survival from cardiac arrest, particularly among our minority and disadvantaged...

High-Performance CPR: HP-CPR “What & Why” Webinar

Join this ever-timely event on the foundational role HP-CPR has as the most important EMS therapy in successful resuscitation for treating out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Topics include: What comprises HP-CPR? How is HP-CPR performed best? Why is HP-CPR so important?...

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